Who can use WashU ELN?

WashU ELN is available to current WashU students, faculty, staff, researchers and PIs.

How much is WashU ELN?

WashU ELN is University-funded and available at no cost to the WashU community.

Where is the data stored?

All data uploaded to LabArchives is immediately stored securely at Amazon data centers located in the United States.

Who can access my data?

Only the owner of a lab notebook can determine what is shared, who has access to view their files, and who can edit the files in their notebook. Neither the University nor LabArchives can view your files without your permission.

Can I collaborate with non-WashU users?

Yes, you can collaborate with researchers outside of your lab. As the owner of a lab notebook, you determine who can access and the level of access to your files.

Click here to see more information about collaboration options.

I already have a LabArchives account associated with my @wustl.edu email address. Can I integrate it with the new WashU ELN service?

Yes, you can! Integrating an existing LabArchives account that was registered under an @wustl.edu email address into the new service is simple. It also provides WUSTL Key single sign on access and protection.

  • Go to https://mynotebook.labarchives.com/login

  • In the “Sign in through your Institution” drop down menu, select Washington University in St. Louis

  • You will be redirected to the WUSTL login page.

  • After inputting your institutional credentials, you will be brought to a LabArchives screen with the options “I have an existing LabArchives account already” and “I do not have a LabArchives account and need to create or activate one.”

  • Select “I have an existing LabArchives account already”

  • Input your email address and password that you previously used to Login to LabArchives.

  • Click “Create New account”

  • When asked “Do you want to link this existing LabArchives account with your login credentials?” click “Yes”

  • After this, your account will be connected to the WUSTL Key SSO.

  • If you need assistance with this, please contact LabArchives Support

Why should I use WashU ELN instead of OneNote, OneDrive or WUSTL Box?

LabArchives is designed to align to lab protocols. Its tools and integrations are built specifically for research and lab activities.

Does LabArchives support HIPAA data?

Yes! LabArchives does indeed have the proper security features to be HIPAA compliant.

How do I get support for using LabArchives?

  • LabArchives has a robust knowledge base with information for students and instructors. You’ll find answers to most of your questions about the software in the LabArchives Knowledgebase.

  • LabArchives also has several instructional videos on its YouTube channel.


You can always contact LabArchives Support if you are experiencing a technical issue with the software.