Condo and Subscription LSF Queues


  • This documentation describes compute group and queue designations and their uses.

  • For users (established and new) that only use the general queue, this information isn’t needed to use the Compute Platform.

  • This documentation is for those that have a condo or subscription tier.

Designations of Groups and Queues

  • The following is a list of the group name examples and queue names associated with the various subscriptions.


    Group Name (-G)

    Queue Name (-q)










    Tier 1 Subscription




    Tier 2 Subscription




    Tier 3 Subscription




  • ${compute-group} and ${compute-subscription-group} should be replaced with the designation associated with the lab or research group the subscription is associated with, commonly this will be a PI Wustlkey.
    • Example: ${compute-group} becomes compute-ris for the RIS group

  • More information on the different subscriptions available can be found here:

General Queue

  • The general queue is the base subscription. All active compute users have access to this queue.

  • There are no guaranteed resources associated with a general subscription.

  • The following example shows how the group name and queue name will look for the general queue.

  • This queue is used as the example in the rest of the compute documentation examples elsewhere.

  • You can find the general queue policies here.

#general queue (batch job)
bsub -q general -G ${compute-group} -a 'docker(alpine)' /bin/sleep 60

#general-interactive queue (interactive job)
bsub -Is -q general-interactive -G ${compute-group} -a 'docker(alpine)' /bin/bash


  • ${compute-group} should be replaced with the name of your compute group

  • This will be provided at time of compute activation for your group.

Condo Queue

  • A condo queue is a queue associated with a purchased condo.

  • More information about condos can be found here:

  • The resources available in this queue are dependent on physical resources purchased as part of the condo.

  • Below is an example of how to run a job command in a condo queue.

bsub -q ${condo-name} -G ${compute-group} -a 'docker(alpine)' /bin/sleep 60


  • ${condo-name} should be replaced with the name of your condo queue

  • ${compute-group} should be replaced with the name of your compute group

  • These will be provided at time of activation for your group.

Subscription Tier Queue

  • A subscription tier is associated with a number of resources that are guaranteed for use based on the tier.

  • There are currently three subscription tiers.

  • Tier 1 Resources
    • 25 vCPUs

    • 1 GPU

  • Tier 2 Resources
    • 50 vCPUs

    • 2 GPU

  • Tier 3 Resources
    • 100 vCPUs

    • 3 GPU

  • If you go over on the number of guaranteed vCPUs for a job submitted in this queue type, your job will not be guaranteed to run.

  • If you go over on the number of guaranteed GPUs for a job submitted in this queue type, the job will stay in pending and never run.

  • The -sla option is required for jobs submitted in this queue type.

  • You can check out what sla a job used via the following command.

    bjobs -al ${job-id}
  • This will list out a lot of information about the job, but the Service Class entry will list the sla used.

    Job <10006>, User <elyn>, Project <default>, Application <docker1>, Job Group <
                        /elyn/default>, Service Class <dev_elyn_t3>, User Group <c
                        ompute-dev-elyn-t3>, Status <RUN>, Queue <subscription>, J
                        ob Priority <50>, Command <sleep 10m>, Share group charged
                        </compute-dev-elyn-t3/>, Esub <docker(ubuntu:focal)>
  • How to run a job using the subscription tier.

#batch (non-interactive)
bsub -q subscription -G ${compute-subscription-group} -sla ${sla-name} -a 'docker(alpine)' /bin/sleep 60

#interactive job
bsub -Is -q subscription -G ${compute-subscription-group} -sla ${sla-name} -a 'docker(alpine)' /bin/bash


  • Replace ${compute-subscription-group} with the intended compute subscription group.

  • Replace ${sla-name} with sla name associated with your subscription.

  • These will be provided at time of activation for your group.

Additional Information

  • The group name and queue must match or the job will not be submitted. An example of what this mismatch and the error it produces looks like is below.

bsub -oo /dev/null -q ${condo-name} -G ${compute-subscription-group} -a 'docker(alpine)' /bin/sleep 60
You must select an LSF User group that matches the condo type. Example: ${compute-group}
Request aborted by esub. Job not submitted.
  • In the example, the condo queue was designated but the group name used was one associated with a tier subscription.

  • This will affect the potential pipelines of users who had access to the Compute Platform before this change and are moving to a different subscription than the base, which is the general queue.