RIS Scientific Compute Platforms


These are “End User Documents” for the Wash U Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) Compute Management service.


If you are reading this document, it is assumed that you:

  • Have been assigned a Wash U WUSTL Key Identity,

  • Are or work for Research Faculty or Staff,

  • Are on local Wash U computer networks, have access to the Wash U Medical School VPN or the Danforth VPN.

  • Acknowledge that all users of the Compute Service are expected to have read and comply with the User Agreement.


Before You Get Started

  • The following pages go over some of the requirements necessary before you are able to start using the RIS Compute Platform.

  • This is the user agreement that all users must agree to in order to use the RIS Compute Platform.

  • Below you can find more information about activating compute services.

  • Below you can find information about some of the compute policies.

Getting Up And Running

  • An introduction to the compute platform and how to run a job is contained within the Quick Start. It is recommended that new users begin with this tutorial upon activating compute services.

  • The FAQ provides answers to some of the commonly asked questions users have.

Moving Beyond the Basics

  • Open On Demand (OOD) is a web based graphical user interface (GUI) for managing and monitoring jobs on the Compute Platform.

  • The compute topics section contains more in-depth documentation on using the RIS Compute Platform, as well as applications and tools available.

  • The compute workshops section contains information and documentation about the workshops that RIS has developed.

  • These are accessible to all users and contain useful information.

  • This section details information about maintaining your data spaces (home, storage, scratch) from within the compute environment.