Port Forwarding To Access a GUI

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Start Up GUI Docker

  • This works with any docker image that uses noVNC or other software that produces a server-like connection to the GUI through a web browser.

  • In this example, we will use the RIS THPC GUI to demonstrate.

  • Start up your image like you would otherwise.


Connect With Forwarding

  • Once you have the exec node that the job is running on, you then ssh directly to that node using the following ssh command.

ssh -L 8080:compute1-exec-N.compute.ris.wustl.edu:8901 wustlkey@compute1-client-X.ris.wustl.edu
  • Where 8080 is the local port you select and 8901 is the port used when running the GUI job, N is the exec node number the job is running on, and X is simply whichever client you choose to use.


Connect Via Browser

  • Once the forwarding is set up, you can connect to the GUI through a web browser like normal, only now you use https://localhost:8080 where 8080 is the port you chose.

  • Now you have access to your GUI just like you would connecting directly to the exec node via a web browser.

../../../_images/gui-desktop.png ../../../_images/module-options.png ../../../_images/cistem-gui.png